Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guava Jelly

The finished product!
We made five bottles..
Beautiful & pungent smell...
Fresh Guavas
Guavas are one of the rich sources of Vitamin C. They contain more than 5 times Vitamin C as oranges or fruits listed in the vitamin C categories. They are cheap when in season. For two consecutive days, my brother gave me a bagful of native guavas. My sister suggested that I make a guava jelly.

The pictures shown above is a testimony that we were able to perfect the guava jelly.The smell of guava was overpowering our next door neighbors where curious as to where the pungent smell came from.

Choose green and ripe guavas. Wash and slice into halves. To every kilo of guava, add 2 litres of cold water, cheese cloth, let it drip (overnight), do not squeeze the bag to obtain a clear juice. To every cup of juice extract, add 3/4 cup white sugar. Boil once to dissolve the sugar. Cook over high heat until a soft ball is formed when the jelly is dropped in a cup of water. Immediately pour into sterilized dry glass jars. Let cool before covering the bottles.

To sterilize bottles: Wash bottles with soap and water. Rinse properly. Place the bottles in a pot and cover with water. Bottles may stand up or lie on their sides. Bring water to a boil for about 20 minutes. Remove the bottles immediately and drain.
Now it's ready to be used as spread on crackers and bread.

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