Friday, February 11, 2011

What's in the Box ?

"Good things come in small packages" as the old saying goes...

Guess what! Is this a box of spaghetti ??? at first glance, yes, but the box is heavy. so what is this?

Aha! I was able to open the box. It's a book, a spaghetti cookbook with over 130 recipes of authentic Italian recipes. This is the Christmas present I got from my friend GEE (Georgeanne ) of Pennsylvania, USA.
I claimed my parcel at the post office yesterday. Post office customs requires everyone to open the package to check the value of the article. However, it was not taxable so no fees were collected. The post staff was also curious about the spaghetti box so I opened it and she was amazed that it turned out to be a cookbook. The cookbook is same as in the shape of a traditional spaghetti package.
Great stuff to add to my cookbook collection. Furthermore, I will try one of the recipes in this cookbook and post it here one day. Thank's Gee.

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