Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Vacation April 2013

At a friends Place
Breathtaking scenery.. a gazebo, fringed with coconut trees.

Private Beach house of a friend where we stayed. The house had complete modern amenities, air-conditioned rooms, modern bathroom and the beach is undeveloped and unexplored.

joined local fishermen pulling the fishin nets
 Somewhere in Cantilan
Pool in Tandag, Surigao Sur

My sisters went to Cantilan and Tandag in April 2013  to attend  their high School Reunion.It was a hectic schedule because of reunion activities, parties with endless eating of seafoods like crabds, shrimps, shells, fish etc.lechon, and many more. Nevertheless it was a relaxing vacation staying in a laidback place of our hometown where the atmosphere is peaceful and

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