Sunday, January 6, 2008

10 Cooking & Baking Skills to Learn/Improve for 2008

My New Year Resolution for Cooking/Baking are:

1. Icings / Frostings - I have been making icings for my cakes but I only made simple ones. This year, I'd like to learn more and try the different designs & recipes.

2. Souffle - Never tried it.

3. Native Delicacies - I am not good at it, e.g. biko, suman, cassava cake, puto.

4. Bread Making - I'd like to try a loaf bread, ensymada, empanada & pan de sal.

5. Chocolate Truffles - I think these are easy to make but too complicated???

6. Cookies - to bake some more.

7. French Pastries

8. Spanish Churros

9. Shrimp Tempura - I'm still on the process of trial & error. Sometimes I made it perfect but mostly it turned out like a rebosado.

10. To organize my cooking books and sort out / file my recipe collections.

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