Tuesday, July 22, 2008

About Sweetlee


Sweetlee interest in cooking has been influenced by many diffirent cultures having lived and travelled in 3 continents including her own country. She had worked in the hotel industry for over 15 years(not food related) a corporate executive until cancer came into her life but it didn't stopped her from traveling and working. As a survivor of 17 years (peri-ampullary) she was able to adjust her daily routine like cooking, baking, internet business, travel, and blogging for many hours (complaining of eye strain & poor eyesight - lol). The main reason why she made this blog is to talk about her recipes, cooking, baking and travel. She incorporates her cancer experience in this blog to let people know specially those who are "survivors" that there is hope, chance of survival and be normal again and do the things that you want to do while you are alive. You can say at the end of the day thank God you are alive. I need to live without regrets... to live the remainder of my life to the fullest and appreciate the simple things that sorrounds us, whether I will last for a number of years or for many decades more.

Sweetlee favorite food:

Noodles: She loves noodles. She can cook noodles in many ways. She can eat noodles everyday but she wouldn't do it, too much carb.

Veggies: When she was small she disliked veggies. But now it tops on her list.

Milk: was her favorite drink until 5 years old. Now she feels nauseated just thinking of it.

Sugary food: Because of her diabetes, she is careful about eating sweets.

Pop Soda: was top on her list as a favorite drink until diabetes stopped her from taking it.

Rice - to give her energy

Things you'll find in her kitchen cabinet:

All kinds of Noodles, canton, bihon, sotanghon, thai noodles etc.

Spices - pepper, bay leaf, 5-spice powder, curry, star anise,

Cooking condiments - oyster sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking oil, cornstrach, Wasabi, dried mushroom, canned Tuna, canned mushroom, eggs, onions, chilli pepper

Baking - baking powder, yeast, brown sugar, butter, cocoa, chocolate chips, flour, cream of tartar, vanilla,

Kitchen gadgets

baking pans, mixer, bread machine, spatula, peeler, pasta machine, turbo, ovens of different sizes aside from the six-burner Elba gas/electric range, slow cooker, coffee maker and many more.


hundreds of cookbooks and cook & house magazines, cooking ware.


PC, scanner, webcam, printer, fax machine

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