Monday, July 21, 2008

Colorado Scenery

Aspen Town

Continental Divide Map
In the USA it is located in the Rocky Mountains.

Indepence Pass (Continental Divide)
The Independence Pass connects Aspen with Twin Lakes. The elevation is 12,095 feet, because of the altitude I'd seen a lot of tourists throwing-up especially people coming from low altitude places. The scenery was dominated by snow-covered peaks

Colorado tops among my favorite state in USA.

Freemont Pass and Mt. Elbert (click photos to enlarge)

On our way to Aspen Colorado, passed by this breathtaking scenery. We stopped and took photos of the peak as my backdrop. It was an amazing sight, picking flowers was prohibited but nobody was watching, can't resisit the temptation, so I picked one anyway. The mountains were covered by snow on a sunny day . The drive over Indepence Pass to Aspen is one of the most beautiful scenic drives in Colorado. You can see the beautiful scenery out of your car window. It was awesome.

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Blood Moon

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