Friday, November 16, 2007

FILIPINA in Perspective

This is my entry to Ms. Toral's objective in attaining search engine visiblity for Filipina.

FILIPINA is a Filipino girl or woman in the Philippines. Filipina is many things to many people but for me, she depicts qualities just like any other woman in the universe, whether she was the Filipina of yesterday or today. She has feelings, intuition, skills, talents, beauty, education and goals in life.

But what distinguisihes her from the rest of the women of the world is her character. She has combination of qualities and features, that differs her from the rest.

From my point of view as seen through the eyes of a Filipina who worked, travelled and lived in three continents. This is my perspective.

Filipina workers are smart, adaptable, confident, hardworking, skillful and resourceful. If given the opportunities for her future, she faces that opportunites "come what may" to help and support her family.

In love, a Filipina is faithful, caring, loving and martyrs "till death do us part". As a mother, she wants to raise, care and provide the best for her children. She struggles to keep her family alive.

The online Filipina today - thanks to the world wide web, the social networks, the bloggers and the chat rooms. There is no boundary when it comes to her quest for love, friendship, relationship, and husband-to-be.

You Filipinas out there...whatever you have achieved, whatever is your occupation, whatever you may be labelled to by people in other parts of the world - a maid, whore, japayuki, mail-order-bride, etc. you are not alone in this world.

From the points above, the Filipina embraces life in a unique way to fulfill her dreams, ambitions and contribute her unique ways to survive. Mabuhay ka Filipina!!!

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