Friday, November 9, 2007

My Old Cookbooks Collection

Antique, out-of-print, rare, vintage, whatever you may call it. I started collecting old cookbooks during my stay in America. I bought them in antique shops and sale book shops. 10 years older cookbooks is considered vintage? I find great joy reading the old recipes and comparing them to new cookbook recipes.

The Castelar Creche Cookbook was published in 1922. It's worth $100 according to Antiquarian Booksellers' Asso. of America.

I guess this one is the oldest in my collection.

James Beard's Menus For Entertaining - 1965 First Edition hardbound
Worth $ 49.50

Searchlight Recipe Cookbook by Arthur Copper

Black cloth hardbound
Published by Household Magazine 1945 Edition

Worth: $ 39.50

Sample of recipe
Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating

Places Vol. 3 1959 Edition. Worth $32
Hundreds of interesting illustrations. It's a gourmet's tour of celebrated restaurants all over the United States.

I'll be posting some more.

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