Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lumpia (Springroll or Eggroll)

Fried Lumpia (Eggroll)

Types of Lumpia (Springroll) in the Philippines:

1. Lumpia Hubad

Lumpiang Hubad literally means naked spring roll. It is basically unwrapped (without the crepe).

2. Lumpia Sariwa

Lumpiang Sariwa, or fresh spring rolls in English, consist of minced ubod (coconut tree) chicken or pork, crushed peanut, lettuce leaf and egg crepe. This variety is not fried.

3. Lumpia Shanghai (Fried)

Consist of mince pork, onions, egg, and carrots.

4. Lumpiang Prito

Lumpiang Prito literally means fried spring roll. Ingredients consists of vegetable variety of your choice, be it cabbage, beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts etc.

5. Lumpia Banana

Banana Lumpia or Turon is a Philippine dessert, made by thinly slicing pieces of bananas cut lengthwise, dusting in granulated sugar, rolling in a wrapper and frying. Brown sugar is coated while in the frying pan for additional sweetness of the wrapper.

Sauce to dip lumpia in: soy sauce, vinegar, diced garlic, dash of black pepper

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