Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Food I Made For Christmas Day (Noche Buena)

Pina-upong Manok (Sitting Chicken)
Christmas Midnight Chocolate CakeLumpia Shanghai

My sisters and I prepared some delicious goodies for our Noche Buena. I made four dishes as part of my share for the family party.

Here's the recipe for Pina-upong Manok (Sitting Chicken)

This is a Filipino dish that I haven't cooked for many years now. It was simply disregarded and completely forgotten in my recipe boxes. This morning as I was dusting and sorting my files, I found this recipe tucked in a cookbook.. A Kapangpangan friend of mine handed this recipe to me 10 years ago).There is a traditional way of cooking this chicken (without water, just let the chicken sit on the bed of salt and steam it) but I prefer my recipe with 7-up.

Pinaupong Manok

1 whole chicken
1 bottle 7-up or sprite
1 pc. onion, chopped
1 bay leaf
2 cloves garlic, chopped
5 pcs. whole peppercorn
3 pcs. calamansi or 1 pc. lemon juice
1 pc. chicken bouillon cube
1/2 cup margarine
achute for coloring or 3 tbsp. soy sauce(Add some more if you want a darker sauce)
1 tsp. salt.
Boil chicken with 7-up, onions, calamnsi juice, chicken cube, margarine and salt, enough water to cover the chicken. Cook in medium fire until chicken is tender. Cook for about 1 hour for a kilo of chicken. Reserve soup for sauce.

I'll share the other recipes later...

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