Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Philippine Christmas Celebration

Christmas Lantern (Parol) - is the symbol of Filpino Christmas spirit

Christmas is an important celebration in the Philippines, being the only Asian countries that is predomintly a Christian nation- majority is Roman Catholic. Christmas is a mixture of western and Filipino traditions. In the Philippines, Christmas starts early. Filipinos decorate the christmas tree way before other countries do, (usually September) be it in their homes or shopping malls. Lights are lit in the shops and homes. Christmas songs are played in the shops and radios.

Masses (simbang gabi) are celebrated at 4:00 AM for nine days before Christmas. The novena ends at the eve of Christmas. After attending the Christmas midnight mass, there is a dinner feast (Noche Buena) prepared at home with lots of holiday foods served like Ham, Cheese ball, Puto (Rice Cake), Cakes, fruit salad, noodles, roast chicken, morcon, embutido, lechon (roasted pig) to name a few. However, the food serve depends on the finances or budget of the families. The rich prepare grand feast while the poor families prepare meals within their budget.

Another Filipino tradition is to visit the Godparents of the children and Godparents give gifts or money to the children...

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princess said...

Hi, Lee,
Thanks for cruising by my blog. Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Pasko sa 'yo. I'll be coming back to try some of your recipes. They look so yummmmmyyyy!

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